At Chilly Surfstyle, we believe that pre-orders are a game changer when it comes to creating sustainable fashion. Here's why:First and foremost, pre-ordering allows us to plan our production more efficiently. By estimating the demand for a certain item before it goes into production, we can avoid overproduction and waste of resources. This is especially important in an industry where trends change quickly and unsold stock can become a big problem.

In addition, pre-ordering also helps us reduce our environmental impact. By producing only what is needed, we can minimise the use of resources and energy needed for production, transport and storage. This can have a significant impact on our carbon footprint and help reduce the overall environmental impact of the fashion industry.Another benefit of pre-ordering is that our customers can make their own purchasing decisions more consciously. By pre-ordering, they commit to buying an item before it is produced, which can help avoid impulse buying and over-consumption. This can lead to more considered and sustainable consumption patterns.Pre-orders also help us to make our production processes more transparent. By allowing customers to see the timeframe between order and delivery, they gain a better understanding of the work and resources that go into making a garment. This can build trust and loyalty to our brand.Finally, pre-ordering is beneficial for small and independent brands like Chilly Surfstyle. By giving our customers the opportunity to pre-order, we can secure the funding needed for production and build a loyal customer base.

At Chilly Surfstyle, we are committed to creating sustainable fashion and pre-ordering is one of the ways we achieve this goal. We hope that our customers will support us in this endeavour by choosing to pre-order our products.

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